Be sure to pick the appropriate lawyer. The best legal advice can only be given with profound knowledge in the specific legal area. This can only be provided by focusing on the main legal aspects. In addition a mutual trust between the client an the lawyer is essential. We are looking forward to getting to know you.

Due to our focus on special legal areas we only advise our clients on these areas. Due to this approach we refer in other legal areas to specialized colleagues. In relation to the business related fields of law we advise in depth and breadth.

We are the contact person for our clients for all circumstances. We are not obliged to think only in legal criteria – beyond legal advice we search for creative sollution, negotiate for settlements, but also conduct legal actions.

Our Clients

Among our clients are large companies, small and medium-sized business, private individuals, merchants and freelancer. Our clients appreciate our distinct orientation for corporate interests and the close relation to their personal consultant.

In addition to giving legal advice in individual cases we are available for permanent advice as an external legal department. We will find a suitbale solution for your case.

Our clients work in all kind of business. Due to this we have to be fit in all these different business areas. We consult for example in following lines of business:

agriculture, aliment, automobile industry, banks, car selling, call centers, construction, e-commerce, energy production, fitness, manufacturing systems engineering, newspaper sector, pharmaceutical industry, physicians, public administration, publishing industry, real estate, research companies, retail industry, service provider, social-media advisors, software development, telecommunications, transport, wholesale

Our clients are for example:

agriculturalist, automotive supplier, building contractors, car sellers, contracting business, engineers, forwarding agents, franchisor and franchisee, IT-service providers, mechanical engineers, newspapers, operating companies of windmill-powered and biogas plants, operators of fitness centers, physicians, pharmacists, providers, public authorities, publishing companies, research establishments, real estate agents, retail traders, software engineers, social-media services, telecommunications companies, wholesale dealer

Our projects are various, such as:

written warnings, external data protection appointee, data protection audits, provide approval certificate, obtain preliminary injunction, claim defence, claim enforcement, foundation of a corporation, change of corporate form, coordination of international clients, corporate succession, legal representation, arbitral settlement and provide arbitration opinion, execution of a will, working as an external law department, conduct of negotiations, contract design

Our refund

Our clients expect professional counselling at attractive terms. Therefore we offer fair and transparent refund modalities.

The cost-income ratio has to be accaptable for both sides. As a rule we bill on an hourly basis. The extent of the refund is based on an individual agreement. We will report our costs on a regular basis. Furthermore we can agree upon a blanket refund for special operations. In exceptional cases it is possibly to declare a contingency fee, if the legal requirements are fulfilled. In individual cases we bill based on the lawyers compensation act (Rechtsanwaltsvergütungsgesetz, RVG).