Secure Communication

Confidentiality is part of our profession. But it is also a personal issue for us. Highly sensitive information should be exchanged in person.

Of course, we use communication tools such as email, fax and telephone. We have to assume – not only after the discovery of the surveillance scandals – that third parties can possibly get note of the time, the participants and also the content of the communication.

There are good reasons to treat confidential information confidential. This is especially true when communicating with the lawyer, things here run very often to critical information.

Security and flexibility

We adhere to suit your security needs. Secure encryption methods slow down the communication. We have made ​​the experience that the use of safe practices is often rejected by our clients. In most cases clients want to avoid the increased overhead.

We see ourselves in the duty therefore we proceed as follows:

  • If you wish, we only communicate with you by using enhanced security standards.
  • In this case sensitive documents will only be handed over personally or sent via email using asynchronous encryption methods.
  • Unsecured media such as fax, unencrypted e-mails and phone calls are then used only for non-critical purposes.

Increased safety standards are perceived by many clients as disturbing. This we must respect. However, we offer to raise the level of security (also for sub-projects) at any time. Otherwise, we assume that if you are opening a communication channel, we may use this for any mandate-related communication.